Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse Steak Kosar

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse Restaurant Recipe

1 (8-10 oz.) filet mignon
2 large mushroom caps, cleaned and blanched
2 standard asparagus spears
2 ounces Bordelaise Sauce, prepared
2 ounces Bearnaise Sauce, prepared
2 ounces lobster tail meat

Season filet mignon with salt and pepper and grill to desired doneness. In the meantime, sautè mushrooms and asparagus in whole butter and heat the Bordelaise sauce to 180 degrees. The Bearnaise sauce should be at room temperature.

To assemble: On your favorite plate, place Bordelaise sauce in the center and top with filet mignon. Place the two asparagus spears at 12 o'clock, and the two mushroom caps at 6 o'clock. Top filet mignon with lobster meat and Bearnaise. Makes 1 serving.

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