Logan's Roadhouse Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

Logan's Roadhouse Restaurant Copycat Recipe

1 gallon container chocolate ice cream
1 gallon container blue bunny Bunny Tracks ice cream (Reeses ice cream, Snickers ice cream, etc. for a "Reeses" Or "Snickers" ice cream pie)
1 Oreo cookie pie crust
wax paper

Scoop 2/3 tub of chocolate ice cream into Oreo pie crust. Place a piece of wax paper over pie (covering the whole pie) and pat down the ice cream until it is flat and filling the whole crust.

Next, scoop half to 2/3 tub of "Bunny Tracks" ice cream onto the top of the chocolate ice cream.
Again, place a sheet of wax paper over pie and pat down the "Bunny Tracks" ice cream until it is a smooth layer.

Keep the pie covered with a sheet of wax paper and freeze until ice cream is hard. Freezing can take hours. I suggest making this pie at least 10-24 hours prior to serving, just to be sure it is ready when you are! Makes 1 pie.

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